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Whichever is your genre or your medium, however your knowledge or experience – take your storytelling to the next level. No set paradigm, no prescriptive structure. Form the story as a solid yet flexible outline, ready to be written.

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  • Contextual dramaturgy tips
  • Projekte teilen
  • Unlimited amount of projects
  • Manage your projects
  • Copy projects to make versions/drafts
  • Save and print PDFs of your plot, character sheets, step outline
  • Download treatment or manuscript text documents
  • Unlimited characters
  • Character Developer: Attributes that determine the plot
  • Compare characters by their attributes
  • Character Developer: Attributes that determine character transformation
  • Character Developer: Attributes that determine the characterisation
  • Character Developer: Optional plot devices and techniques
  • Character Developer: Audience response and character relationships
  • Detail view of character sheets
  • Unlimited plot events on the zoomable timeline
  • Narrative/chronology switch in the timeline
  • Assign characters to plot events
  • Assign storylines to plot events
  • Highlight/filter events by character or storyline
  • Add event descriptions
  • Assign character development attributes to plot events
  • Assign motifs to plot events
  • Assign a location to plot events
  • Point of View (PoV) marker
  • Writing progress tracker
  • Highlight/filter events by motifs, PoV, location, writing progress
  • Detail view of plot event cards
  • Structure markers in your narrative timeline
  • Notes to self: Writing Cautions
  • Note the Essence of each plot event
  • Step Outline text view
  • Step Outline detail view with story and plot attributes
  • Story attributes, from theme to logline

See the features page for details about the individual features and functions.

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Create a fully formed narrative with fascinating characters and download your complete story OUTLINE. Your plot will sizzle with tension and conflict – the story will be dramaturgically fully conceived. Each of your cast of characters will be active and motivated – you’ll know much more about them than merely their want and need.

This professional story development tool will help you find the dramatic function of your characters, compose your plot, and pitch your story.

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